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Mexican Gold Libertad coins were first issued by the Mexican Mint in 1981 with three available weights. The release of these coins came some 60 years after the release of the gold Centenario, a circulation gold Mexican coin that marked the 100th anniversary of Mexican independence. Gold Libertad coins then featured the same design from the Centenario and continue today with a modern version of the Winged Victory design.

To celebrate 100 years of independence from Spain, Mexico issued a new gold circulation peso coin with the image of Winged Victory. At the same time, the government erected a statue in the center of Mexico City’s main square known as the Mexican Independence Victory Column. Atop that column is a depiction of Winged Victory as well.

The gold Centenario was available in circulation through the 1940s and then removed from production, later returning through the 1970s with a 1947 date mark used on the coins in each year they were released. When the Mexican Mint introduced the gold bullion and silver bullion Libertad coins in the 1980s, that original Centenario design of Winged Victory returned to Mexican coinage.

On the obverse face of 2020 1 oz Mexican Gold Libertad Coins is a depiction of Winged Victory. She is featured just as she is seen on the top of the Mexican Independence Victory Column as she holds the wreath crown in one hand and broken chains in the other. Gold Libertad coins were initially issued in 1981 and returned for good in 1991. 

The reverse side of 2020 Mexican Gold Libertad Coins bears the coat of arms for Mexico. This seal includes a golden eagle in battle with a serpent as the eagle sits perched on the arm of a cactus. This seal is surrounded around the design field edge by 10 historical versions of the same seal used throughout Mexican history.


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