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Since the beginning, we have built our reputation on strong relationships with our clients, based on four core values — honesty, integrity, value, and trust. We open our doors every day to provide an educational environment where business is done with fairness and integrity. For over 35 years, we’ve carried that reputation into every single transaction we make.

These core values are the foundation of our business and why we’re regarded as expert appraisers as well as the leading authority that people can count on when buying and selling coins, bullion, diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches, and so much more.


Kenny has been exposed to rare coins for most of his life. And as with most second generation coin dealers, it can be said the business is in his blood. But while he may bleed numismatics, he’s proven to be made of much more than that. His quest for knowledge is never ending and this inherent collector mentality coupled with decades of experience has made him adept at all facets of the store. Cultivated through the crucible of active trading, his expertise runs deep. Over the years he’s expanded his proficiencies to include precious metals, gemstones, high end watches, paper money, fine art, and basically all things collectible. With an intense familiarity of all the products in the store, he’s highly capable whether working behind the scenes, behind the counter or behind the table at major wholesale conventions. Despite his love for the business, his true calling is as a dedicated family man spending all his time away from the store with his wife and three kids.


Matt was introduced to the family business at a very early age. From sorting coins to stocking products, he has learned the business from the ground up. This broad based exposure offers him a level of comfort in dealing with any item throughout the store and it shines through. He is adept at all aspects of the business and has a natural propensity for style making him the perfect advisory on fine jewelry and watches. Moreover, through the years his true passion for paper money and rare historic documents has blossomed. Matt is a perfect blend of deep product knowledge, cheerful demeanor and patience making him the perfect fit to service any customer whether an avid collector or the casual buyer that just happens into the store. When not at the office, he spends quality time with his wife and son, or when the opportunity arises he loves to go surfing or playing golf.


Will joined the U.S. Coins and Jewelry team back in 2017. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the business, including coins, bullion, watches, and jewelry; however, he is a specialist in Rolex and other luxury watches. When not working, Will can be found doing an array of outdoor activities.


Anthony began working at U.S. Coins back in 2011 when he was a mere 19 years old. Today, you will find him interacting with customers as our Front Retail Manager. Over the years, Anthony’s expertise has been in all aspects of the coin business; however, over the years Anthony has gone on to earn his AJP (Applied Jewelry Professional TM) Diploma from the GIA® (Gemological Institute of America) to give him the expertise in diamonds and other precious gemstones and jewelry. When not working, he likes to spend time with his family.


Daria initially began working at U.S. Coins and Jewelry back in 1993. She is an integral part of our “behind the scenes” team as our inventory coordinator. She is fundamental in helping create the systems used when cataloging in the many products that we carry in our store and online. When not at work, you might find her reading or tending her garden.


Elliott joined U.S. Coins and Jewelry in 2009. Besides his charming customer service, Elliott is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of U.S. Coins and Jewelry but has a special passion for pre-199 gold and rare coin appraisals. Elliot also works as a wholesale trader. When not at work, Elliott enjoys spending time relaxing with family.


JJ is part of the U.S. Coins and Jewelry family and formally joined the team back in 2015 as a sales associate. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of U.S. Coins and Jewelry’s products but primarily works with U.S. Mint products, bullion, and world coins. When not working, JJ loves cooking and playing tennis.


Mike joined the U.S. Coins and Jewelry Team in 2018. As a youngster, Mike became interested in coin collecting from his father. Now, he’s not only an active member of several area coin clubs, but his vast knowledge of coins helps him with his skills as a photographer, data entry, and inventory management for our online products. You will also find Mike in our retail store helping customers. When not working, Mike likes to use his artistic talent drawing and painting.


Nicole initially joined U.S. Coins and Jewelry as a receptionist back in 2004. Over the years, her job has grown from answering phones and greeting visitors to assisting the admin staff, scheduling/ booking appraisal appointments, and helping out wherever she is needed. She has many hobbies include yoga, photography, gardening, and crafts.


As part of the founding family, Nikki grew up around coin collecting but began working at U.S. Coins and Jewelry over 14 years ago. Her primary function is bookkeeping and finance; however, like many of our staff, her extensive knowledge of products and operations makes her a valuable asset throughout the store. When not working, you might find her hanging out with her kids as they play soccer, listening to live music, or out shopping.


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I met Kenny Sr. Kenny Jr. And Matt at the Money show this past weekend. They were very honest and upfront. We did some trading. I look forward to doing more transactions with these guys!!!
David Weaver