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Estate Settlement & Appraisal Services

We offer appraisals for coin collections, fine jewelry, antiques, unique collectibles, fine art, gemstone, and so much more.

There is no way to prepare for the loss of a close friend or family member. In many instances with collectors, an inheritance can become a burden for the heirs as they struggle to value and liquidate holdings. Compounded by grief, executors and individuals alike dread selling heirlooms too cheap. It is often a struggle to fairly sell and distribute value across a group of heirs. Executors must be able to justify the methods and processes used to value collectibles. U.S. Coins and Jewelry provides a full line of Estate Services to help individuals, divorce lawyers and estate executors complete their duties in a fair and transparent fashion.

Estate Services

Written Appraisals – To fairly divide assets among heirs, it is not uncommon for probate courts to request written appraisals especially for coins, collectibles, jewelry and luxury watches. Our staff has fully trained experts in all these areas. We provide clear, concise and accurate appraisals across a wide range of valuables.

Authentication – When there is uncertainty as to the authenticity of collectibles and jewelry within an estate, our on-staff gemologist, horologists and numismatists can quickly determine validity of any precious metal, rare coin or gemstone. We only employ the most modern non-evasive testing techniques, so no damage from acid or scratch testing. Our staff is fully trained in handling your treasures with care.

Auction Representation – In the unlikely event we cannot come to agreement on terms or a will specifies the auction of particular items. Our connections within the auction arena can aide you in this endeavor. We literally buy and sell millions of dollars annually through the nation’s top auction houses. Our understanding of the watch, jewelry and collectibles markets and our deep familiarity with the various auction houses gives us the professional knowledge to help guide you to the perfect match of company, venue and timing. Not every item is perfect for every sale. With our representation we can insure each piece is sold in the appropriate sale garnering the most attention possible. In addition, our on-going relationship with these companies often enables us to provide consignors better rates than if they approached the auction houses directly.

Expert Testimony – For the unfortunate situations, like divorce or contested wills, values may be drawn into question. We are prepared to deliver expert testimony to address authenticity, pricing, markets or appraisals either in person or through online services for depositions and hearings. Our experts can deliver expert testimony across most legal situations that value or authenticity is in question.

Extrapolated Cost Estimates – One of our most common requests from estates is the establishment of backdated costs. Often collections of all types have poor records and vague cost basis needed for tax purposes. Our decades of market experience coupled with our in depth research capabilities enables us to provide accurate cost estimates for virtually any collectible across any time frame. When faced with the lack of purchase records, we produce professional and concise affidavits to serve as back up records for fair cost computations in lieu of the actual receipts. 

Liquidation – As a major player in most collectibles markets U.S. Coins and Jewelry can and will immediately purchase any of the estate items outright. While written appraisals are not offers to buy rather written estimates of replacement costs. We will provide firm offers to purchase any or all of the items at the time of appraisal upon request.

Home Visits – For some, coming to our offices is not an option, sometimes the owner is too frail to make the journey or the collection is too large to be carried. We are open to make appointment for qualified estates to have one or more of our experts visit the items location, doing the appraisal on-site. Contact our offices for more information. 


We’ve been servicing the Greater Houston area for decades. Walk-ins are always welcome, but for larger collections or specialized collectibles we ask you call ahead. We want to be sure the appropriate experts are in house and enough time is allotted to provide for a thorough review of your items. Regardless, after a quick free review of items you have, taking into consideration any special circumstances, we will make direct recommendation as to how to proceed. Our goal is to assist you and to get the best prices with the most transparency possible for all items presented.

Whether you are an individual with a few items or the executor of a large estate, we are prepared to offer a number of services to make the liquidation of holdings fast, fair, and transparent to all parties.  Contact our offices to find out how USC&J can facilitate the evaluation and sale of collectibles.

Why people trust U.S. Coins and Jewelry:
We're proud to be the most trusted gold and silver buyer in the Houston, Texas area.

Looking for a local trustworthy buyer to sell your valuables? We buy far more than just gold, silver, diamonds, and Rolex watches.

We also buy scrap gold, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals, coins, coin collections, diamonds and gemstones, jewelry of all types, luxury watches, historical documents, fine art and memorabilia including sports memorabilia, comic books, and select other collectibles.

U.S. Coins and Jewelry offers the highest payout for your bullion, coins, diamonds, jewelry and more.

Our verbal appraisals are free. You are under no obligation to sell your collection to us. We value the opportunity to view your collection and help you put a value on your items.

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Absolutely phenomenal communication and service!! Kenny and the team are absolute rock stars!! Many more purchases to come in the future!!! Highly recommend.
- Gus Aslanidis
U.S. Coins and Jewelry has been my go to for buying and selling coins, silver and gold for years. My most recent experience was quick and easy. The staff are friendly and helpful. They really take the fear and uncertainty out of investing in precious metals and coins, and their exchange fees are very reasonable.
- Stephen Peterson
They are the best at helping you build a rare coin collection, bullion sales, & jewelry. I always recommend my friends & family go there. I'm a long time customer from 2011 to date. They have access to some of the finest rare coins out there.
- Robert Dean
Came in just to browse walked out with an engagement ring and got a solid deal! Highly recommend place for all your needs. Have been coming for years Anthony was a great help thanks again!
- Daniel Nino
I walked into this place for the first time and was wonderfully greeted by some very friendly associates. This shop is a treat and seeing all the great things it had to offer was amazing. From comic books to coins to even art and watches this shop has it all. I will most definitely be coming back and they offer great deals on buy backs. What a time to be invested in precious metals!
- Muhammad Hamdan
They were very professional, personable and efficient. They trusted - without seeing the actual paper - the quote I received elsewhere for a Rolex watch. They didn't meet it - THEY BEAT IT! Very nice, safe place to do business.
- Monica W
Before going to U.S. Coins, I went to another location much closer to me and the price they gave me did not seem right. So I went to U.S. Coins and they more than double the buy. After speaking to the person I dealt with I decided to only sell my deceased wife's necklace and they still gave me much more than I would have gotten from the other dealer. U.S. Coins were polite and very easy to deal with.
- Tommy Clements
Great bunch of guys, very knowledgeable and honest and always ready to help and make a deal. Always great prices on coins and bullion. Leave smiling every time knowing I got a great deal. Thanks guys y'all are great!
- Larry Brooks

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