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U.S. Coins and Jewelry has been buying engagement rings, diamonds, and other fine jewelry since 1985.

Our staff consists of highly trained GIA gemologists who have extensive knowledge in evaluating diamond jewelry.

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Why Sell Your Ring?

Circumstances change, people change, and sometimes what was right once isn’t now. There are several reasons for selling an engagement ring–maybe you’re going through a divorce, she said no, or perhaps you have an old family heirloom you simply don’t want or need.

Selling your engagement ring or just selling the diamond (and keeping the setting) can free up cash or possibly allow you to buy a larger diamond or restyle your engagement ring. The process may feel daunting, but the opportunities are endless, but one thing is certain selling your engagement ring can be a freeing experience.

Selling can take as little as 24 hours from start to finish, with no fees or costs involved and no obligation to sell. We make the process of selling your engagement ring an easy and rewarding experience.

Determining the Value

Our staff of GIA-trained gemologists evaluates each piece of jewelry based on the following criteria:

Color • Clarity • Carat • Cut

Your ring will also be evaluated based on proportion, diamond shape, and market liquidity. For more information on how to evaluate your diamond before you sell, visit our blog on the 4Cs.

Regardless of shape, size, cut, and clarity, our expert gemologist will evaluate your jewelry and provide a true market value offer.

As expert engagement ring buyers, we fully understand that selling an engagement ring can be emotionally difficult, especially after a divorce or breakup. As such, we pride ourselves on providing a professional, discreet, fast, and highly secure service. Sell engagement rings quickly and easily today for the best price with U.S. Coins and Jewelry. With an A+ BBB rated business, we offer free advice and answer any questions you may have about selling an engagement ring to us.

Learn More About the 4Cs

Ready to Sell Your Engagement Ring?

We buy:

  • Vintage engagement rings
  • Engagement bands
  • Solitaire engagement rings
  • Colored diamond engagement rings

Why People Trust Us:

  • Easy and Risk-Free
  • No appointment necessary
  • All items appraised by a certified technician
  • No pressure or obligation to sell
  • Payment will be immediate

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Before going to U.S. Coins, I went to another location much closer to me and the price they gave me did not seem right. So I went to U.S. Coins and they more than double the buy. After speaking to the person I dealt with I decided to only sell my deceased wife's necklace and they still gave me much more than I would have gotten from the other dealer. U.S. Coins were polite and very easy to deal with.
Tommy Clements