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Ready to sell your valuable artwork? At U.S. Coins and Jewelry, we buy and sell original paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photographs by recognized artists.

What we buy:

  • Original paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs by recognized artists
  • Prints & Editions from established artists
  • Quality and Rare Silver, Design, and Decorative Arts by known makers
  • Select Tiffany, Lalique, and Art Glass


    Seeking Appraisals of Fine Art:

    How to Value Paintings and Sculptures:

    Is it original? Are you certain you have an original painting or sculpture? An original print would be signed and/or numbered. Reproductions, including posters of art, are not handled by U.S. Coins and Jewelry.

    Can the artist be identified? Thoroughly examine your artwork for any signatures, initials, inscriptions or other markings that indicate the name of the artist (or maker in the case of decorative arts). You may wish to get the assistance of a framer or restorer to look under linings and frames, if that's possible to do without causing damage. With the artist identified, there are several resources, both online and off, which you can consult to learn more about him or her and get a rough idea of their work's importance, including recent sales of the artist's work, museums and galleries with the artist's work in their possession, etc.

    What condition is it in? Is there any visible damage? Any areas of visible repair? Is the color strong or faded? Is it dirty or clean? (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO ANY RESTORATION/CONSERVATION WORK YOURSELF.) Often, works that have never been touched, though dirty and in need of repair, have more value than ones that have been. 

    How was it acquired?  Did you obtain it directly from the artist or from a dealer/gallery/auction house? Was it inherited? Do you have any documentation to verify how it was acquired?

    What other details do you know? Dimensions, date, title, medium (the materials it's made of), historical provenance (chain of ownership), etc. are all facts which, when documented, can help determine the value of an artwork. Work from a certain period in the artist's life, for example, might be more valuable than that from other periods; the same could be said for working in a medium or size that was not the norm for the artist.


At U.S. Coins and Jewelry, we purchase all kinds of fine art. So if you are seeking to sell Art from your Collection, simply complete our submission form or visit us in store.


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At U.S. Coins and Jewelry, we carry an extensive collection of fine art, original paintings, Signed prints and so much more. Visit our store or shop online!

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Kenny Jr. welcomed us, and we were impressed with the displays in the showroom and the security of the store. There is police presence visible inside, and outside in the parking lot. We felt very secure the entire time we were there. Will was very patient, and reviewed all of our 'estate' coins with us, while pricing them individually. Will seems very knowledgeable in his craft. There was no pressure to sell any of our coins, but Will gave us fair market value on the coins we did sell. We appreciate the honesty and integrity! This specialty store is definitely worth visiting to determine the value of family heirlooms!
Larry B