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1922-D Peace Dollar $1 PCGS MS 65 PCGS Gold Shield

1922-D Peace Dollar $1 PCGS MS 65 PCGS Gold Shield

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Product Details:

Peace Dollars (1921-1935) Following WWI the U.S. agreed to sell the United Kingdom several million ounces of silver. This silver was used to back the circulating paper money and production of a new coin was authorized to replace the silver sold. Initially the Morgan series saw a brief rebirth, but the iconic dollar was soon replaced with the art deco creation of Anthony de Francisci. He won the right to redesign the denomination and his dollar known as the Peace dollar was produced until 1935. First minted in 1921, the Peace Dollar was created to commemorate the end of World War I and the return of peace to the world. The Coin features an iconic depiction of Lady Liberty on the obverse, with her hair styled in a bob and a radiant crown of rays on her head. The reverse features a bald eagle, perched on a rock, with an olive branch in its talons, symbolizing the end of the war and the return of peace.

Coin Features:
  • PCGS graded MS 65
  • PCGS Gold Shield
  • Known as a Peace Dollar
  • Obverse: Head of Liberty with a Radiant Crown Facing Left
  • Reverse: Eagle Perched on a Mountain top of PEACE, Bearing an Olive Branch & Viewing the Rising Sun.
This is a PCGS graded coin. You will receive the coin pictured. You are purchasing a 1922-D Peace Dollar in an PCGS Gold Shield Holder graded MS 65. 
This is an excellent coin to add to your collection.

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