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1795 Small Eagle Draped Bust PCGS AU53 - Hard Date in Higher Grade

1795 Small Eagle Draped Bust PCGS AU53 - Hard Date in Higher Grade

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This is a PCGS Graded Coin. You will receive the pictured coin. You are Buying a 1795 $5 Small Eagle, BD-3, High R.3, AU53 PCGS. The Small Eagle five dollar gold coins of 1795 are the first of their kind. The Robert Scot design saw intermittent use through 1798, but John Dannreuther estimates that production for the type during that period was only 17,555 coins or so. The short run of Small Eagle half eagles consists of 18 distinct die varieties, none more available than this BD-3 marriage.

The obverse of BD-3 is identified by the upper point of star 1 grazing Liberty's lowest curl, the lower left serif of the L touching the cap, and the Y, star 11, and star 12 forming 'a single block,' as Thomas Mabbott described it in 'The Varieties of the Half Eagle of 1795,' published in the July 1944 issue of Stack's Numismatic Review. On the reverse, the opening of the wreath is centered between the S and O with two berries on each side. The tip of the leftmost leaf ends under the I in UNITED. In Early U.S. Gold Coin Varieties (2006), John Dannreuther suggests 2,000 to 3,000 1795 BD-3 half eagles were struck, of which perhaps 175 to 225 coins exist. Although that makes this variety the most plentiful among Small Eagle fives, it is by no means common. Any example is scarce, and those of this caliber are conditionally rare. This About Uncirculated survivor showcases light yellow-gold. Design detail in Liberty's hair and the eagle's breast feathers is sharp, with the high points on each side showing just a brush of friction. Small abrasions are expected and undistracting.

This is an excellent coin to add to your collection.

Coin Features:

  • PCGS graded AU53
  • PCGS Gold Shield
  • BD-3, R-3
  • Known as a Draped Bust Half Eagle - Small Eagle

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  • Coin
    draped bust
  • Year
  • Mint
  • Mintage
    8,707 (500-600 known)
  • Grade
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