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Diamonds & Jewelry | 10.02.2020

Getting an Appraisal for Estate Assets

When a loved one passes, the burden of valuing the estate assets rests on the shoulders of the family involved. While processing through the grief of losing a loved one, some may be tasked with assessing the inheritable items. This may include valuable coins collections, estate jewelry, and other various metals, jewels or gemstones.

The heirs to the estate may have difficulty accurately evaluating the pieces that have been left to them. These estate valuations will require a professional appraisal because each piece of property is unique, especially in condition, and often may require the everyday individual to utilize an appraisal service to properly evaluate and disburse correctly. 

U.S. Coins and Jewelry is a licensed precious metals dealer with the State of Texas and uses scales calibrated and certified annually with the State of Texas. We ensure that your client will receive an unbiased, honest fair market value for the inherited belongings.

Estate settlement for attorneys

Why get an Estate Settlement Appraisal?

Settling an estate is a process most individuals will be unfamiliar with and it’s not always as simple as reading a will and executing its directives. In some cases, estate settlements may require court and legal interventions. This can increase the emotional burden of a loved one’s passing, and the benefit of having an unbiased, reliable appraiser becomes clear.

You want the best for your client. Hiring a professional appraiser to determine the value of the property will ensure your client’s assets are divided fairly and equitably.

What to Expect with Our Estate Appraisals?

Attorneys rely on our thorough evaluations, accurate assessments, and defendable opinions when representing their clients. We’re experts in calculating asset valuations for estate appraisal or settlements, divorces, guardianship, and even disputes. Regardless of the estate matters, we maintain our position to deliver an objective, well-supported valuation on each piece of the estate. 

Focusing on your clients, we will provide expert advice when you need it. We understand that our appraised value of a property could have a major impact on the lives of your clients, settlements, and any associated property taxes. 

Attorneys have come to expect reliable, high-quality, and clearly written reports for their clients written by our team of experienced appraisers at U.S. Coins and Jewelry.

How We Can Help?

We deliver estate appraisal services for attorneys, executors, and trustees on-site with your client, to help you understand the value of the estate collection. Whether you are a lawyer, executor, or trustee, trying to settle an estate or have a collection of your own, or are searching for answers, our professional appraisers take the time to explain our process and guide you through the estate settlement process. 

Our team of appraisers at U.S. Coins and Jewelry certify the Fair Market Value as of the date of death of all tangible assets including but not limited to coins, art, jewelry, gold, silver, and memorabilia. At U.S. Coins and Jewelry, we always offer free verbal appraisals when you bring your items into our store or if you would like a more formal written appraisal, there is a minimal fee. Plus, our appraisers can come to your location for a small traveling fee. 

Please rest assured, there is never an obligation to sell but if you do decide to sell, we will make you a fair offer, based on the market value right on the spot and have the backing to support that offer.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please email us at or call us at (713) 597-6367 to talk to one of our appraisers.


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