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1927 $20 ST GAUD PCGS MS65 MS65- CAC Certified

1927 $20 ST GAUD PCGS MS65 MS65- CAC Certified

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Saint Gaudens $20 Gold Double Eagle (1907-1933) Popular 20th Century coin. Many dates are rare due to the 1933 recall and end of the Gold Standard. Most Examples that survived were either kept by private collectors or stored in banks. They have been a favorite of investors and collectors for decades. The Saint Gaudens $20 Gold Double Eagle was designed by America's foremost Sculpture at the time and was part of an initiative to create a series of coins that could rival European coins at the time. The 1907 high relief design was the closest to the design presented by the sculptor and was later reproduced with a shallower version used till the series was ended in 1933. Early designs had the motto 'IN GOD WE TRUST' removed at the insistence of then President Theodore Roosevelt who felt it was sacrilegious. Ironically this was the opposite of what most Americans at the time felt who demanded it be restored to the coins in 1908 creating with and without motto versions.

Coin Features:
  • PCGS graded MS65
  • CAC Certified
  • Known as a Saint Gaudens Double Eagle
  • Obverse: Forward Facing Liberty Bearing an Olive Branch and Torch Over Rays & White House. Stars Around the Rim
  • Reverse: Eagle Flying Left Over Sun with Rays. Top United States of America-Twenty Dollars. Motto In God We Trust
This is a PCGS graded coin. You will receive the coin pictured. You are purchasing an 1927 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle in an PCGS holder graded MS65. This Saint Gaudens Double Eagle is CAC Certified and there are only 1,828 CAC Certified in this grade.
This is an excellent coin to add to your collection.

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    saint gaudens
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  • Grade
    ms 65
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