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1920 50c Walking Liberty Half Dollar - PCGS MS64 - Bright WHITE!

1920 50c Walking Liberty Half Dollar - PCGS MS64 - Bright WHITE!

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Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916 – 1947) In the early parts of the 20th century, Theodore Roosevelt began an initiative to redesign the nation’s coinage from cent to double eagle. This period is known as the “Renaissance Era of U.S. Coinage.” The concept was to use contemporary artists and create examples that raised the artistic quality across the board. Many of the era coin designers were given the privilege by the Fine Arts Commission and through various contests. Sculptor Adolph Weinman won two such contests gaining the rights to redesign both the half dollar and the dime. His half dollar Walking Liberty motif has been praised as one of the nation’s finest numismatic works and the obverse has continued in production being reissued on the modern silver bullion coinage. The Walking Liberty half was produced with the same specification of the previous issues with a composition that is 90% fine silver and an overall weight of 12.50 grams. Weinman’s higher relief designs met with some resistance from Mint engraver Charles Barber due to striking issues. Today fully struck examples are coveted and remain in heavy demand by Walker enthusiasts.

Coin Features:
  • PCGS graded MS64 - Bright WHITE!
  • Known as a Walking Liberty Half Dollar
This is a PCGS graded coin. You will receive the coin pictured. You are purchasing an 1920 Walking Liberty Half Dollar graded PCGS MS64 - Bright WHITE!. 
This is an excellent coin to add to your collection.

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    walking liberty
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    ms 64
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