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1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent 1c, CAC AU-55 - Original, Key Date

1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent 1c, CAC AU-55 - Original, Key Date

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This is a CACG Graded Coin. You will receive the pictured coin. You are Buying a 1909-S VDB, Lincoln Wheat Cent graded AU-55 by CACG and CAC Approved. The 1909-S VDB is the key date and is sought after in all grades. This Choice AU-55 example offers rich chocolate-brown color surfaces without any issues, as noted by the CAC Approval.
This is an excellent coin to add to your collection.

Coin Features:
  • CACG graded AU-55 CAC
  • CAC Verified
  • Key Date
  • Nice Original Surfaces
  • Known as a Lincoln Wheat Cent
  • Obverse: Bust of Lincoln Facing Right. Around Rim In God We Trust. Motto: Liberty
  • Reverse: One Cent United States of America Surrounded by a pair of Wheat Ears. Around Rim: E Pluribus Unum.
Lincoln Wheat Cents (1909-1958) - During the Renaissance of rare coin designs Theodore Roosevelt pushed for the reissue of all U.S. coinage. The long standing Indian Cent issue was redesigned in recognition of the 100 year anniversary of Abraham Lincoln using his likeness on the obverse. The motif was the work of famed sculptor Victor David Brenner with his initials appearing along the reverse rim of first year issue examples. The obverse features the likeness of the famed President and the reverse was changed from the previous oak wreath to a pair of wheat stalks around the denomination spelled out ONE CENT. The issue was struck in bronze using .950 copper and .050 tin and zinc. The diameter is the same as previous small cents at 19 mm.

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  • Coin
    lincoln wheat
  • Year
  • Mint
    san francisco
  • Grade
    au-55 cac
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