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2001 2pc Silver Buffalo Commemorative Set OGP

2001 2pc Silver Buffalo Commemorative Set OGP

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$1 US Mint Commemorative Silver Coin:

2 Piece Buffalo Commemorative Set. Featuring the Proof and Business Strike coins in OGP

Modern Silver Bullion commemorative coins from the United States Mint were first issued in 1982, with the first $1 silver coins available starting in 1983. Each of the coins features 90% silver content and are roughly the size and weight of the
Each of the $1 US Mint Commemorative Silver Coin is available to you inside of the original US Mint protective capsules. The first issue of modern $1 US Mint Commemorative Silver coins came in 1983 with the release of Summer Olympics-themed coin to mark the 1984 Summer Games to be held in Los Angeles, California the following year.

From 1983 to 1991, the United States Mint issued a wide variety of silver coins with a $1 (USD) face value. There are countless options available in this product listing which include coins marking a variety of different momentous occasions in American history. The 1984 release included another 1984 Summer Olympics coin with two life-sized bronze statues depicted atop the gateway to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.
A 1986 $1 US Mint Commemorative Silver Coin celebrated the Immigration Center at Ellis Island. The Statue of Liberty featured prominently in the foreground of the design while the reverse focused on the guiding light of Libertys torch. Another Olympic-themed coin was issued by the US Mint in 1988. The1988 $1 US Mint Commemorative Silver Coins featured Liberty’s torch on the obverse passing off its flame to the Olympic torch with the US Olympic Committee logo found on the coins reverse field.

The $1 US Mint Commemorative Silver Coins listed here come from various years of issue. U.S. Coins and Jewelry will send you a coin based upon availability in our warehouse when you order. We cannot guarantee a particular year of issue or associated design with your order. All United States Mint locations typically contribute to the production of these silver commemorative coins. The Denver Mint, San Francisco Mint, West Point Mint, and Philadelphia Mint each play a role in helping strike these impressive coins.
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