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American Eagle Gold Bullion CoinsAuthorized by the Bullion Coin Act of 1985, American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins quickly became one of the world’s leading gold bullion investment coins. Produced from gold mined in the United States, American Eagles are imprinted with their gold content and legal tender “face” value.

An American Eagle’s market value is based on the market price of its metal content, plus a small premium to cover coinage and distribution. American Eagles use the durable 22 karat standard established for gold circulating coinage over 350 years ago. They contain their stated amount of pure gold, plus small amounts of alloy. This creates harder coins that resist scratching and marring, which can diminish resale value. Minted to exacting standards, the obverse (front) design is inspired by what’s often considered one of America’s most beautiful coins: Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ celebrated $20 gold piece, minted from 1907-1933. 

Obverse: Features a the original design of St Gaudens, a female Liberty to represent victory, with a torch in one hand to show enlightenment, and an olive branch in the other to show peace as she marches over a rocky outcrop with the sun’s rays coming from below. The word “Liberty” overhead, surrounded stars to represent the states of the US.

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The Reverse design, by sculptor Miley Busiek, features a male eagle carrying an olive branch flying above a nest containing a female eagle and her hatchlings. Since the Gold American Eagle was introduced, its four sizes, 1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz and1/10 oz, have remained in high demand. Eagles are not shown on coins other than coins with a dollar+ value.

The official gold coin of the United States, American Gold Eagle coins are available on an annual basis in three familiar versions and four different weights. These coins serve as a reminder of the majesty, longevity, and strength of the American nation.

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About American Eagle Gold Coins

Bullion Gold Eagle Coins

The leading product in the American Gold Eagle lineup is the bullion coin. It has been offered by the United States Mint every year, in all four weights, since its introduction in 1986. The bullion coins have followed a fairly predictable mintage flow over the course of more than 30 years of production.

Proof Gold Eagle Coins

For those numismatists who love to collect gold coins for their beauty as well as value, the Proof American Gold Eagles are a cornerstone of any coin collection. The difference between bullion and proof coins is significant when it comes to the inherent value of the coin itself. All American Gold Eagle coins, regardless of style and finish, bear a face value reflective of the gold content by weight issued by the United States government.

However, the Proof American Gold Eagle coin has a greater value than its bullion counterpart. All bullion versions of the gold eagle coins have a value well beyond their face value, holding a value that is in line with the price of gold and based upon the purity and metal content of the coin. For the Proof American Gold Eagle, value can appreciate well beyond even the bullion version with certification from one of the nation’s, and world’s, two most respected certification companies (PCGS, NGC). 

Burnished Gold Eagle Coins

At the 20th anniversary of the American Gold Eagle coin series in 2006 the United States Mint expanded the program to include a special burnished coin. The new coinage was aimed at numismatists who collect and display or exhibit their American Gold Eagles, the Burnished American Gold Eagle (also referred to as an uncirculated Gold Eagle) is struck using a special coining process that is similar to the one used in the production of proof coins.

The United States Mint begins the coining process for burnished gold eagles by loading all of the blanks, known as planchets, into a spinning drum. In the past, this step in the process used wet sand as a friction agent that served as a polishing media to give the blanks a unique finish before even being struck. Today, the US Mint uses countless 6mm balls to create a smooth, matte-like finish on the surface of the blanks.

Once each blank has been sent through the spinning drum, the individual blanks are taken out one at a time by mint employees wearing white gloves. The blanks are transferred by hand, again by employees wearing gloves, to the coining press in order to avoid contaminating the finish of the blanks with oil and dirt from human skin. Each blank is then hand loaded into the coining press for striking. All blanks are struck under greater pressure than bullion coins and regular circulation currency, creating a striking finish.

Although the Burnished American Gold Eagle undergoes a similar coining process to proof coins, the appearance of these coins is often compared more closely to that of the bullion coin in the series. The polishing and striking processes leave each coin with a softly frosted appearance. The process also creates a more detailed appearance to the design features, such as Lady Liberty and the bald eagles on the reverse.

The major distinguishing characteristic for the casual observer is the presence of a mint mark on the Burnished American Gold Eagle. While the bullion coins do not feature a mint mark, all burnished gold eagles have a “W” mint mark to identify the West Point Mint as the production facility.

Certified Bullion Gold Eagle Information

Both the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and the Professional Coin Grading Service issue coins a grade between 1 and 70 on the Sheldon Numeric Scale. Developed in 1948 by Dr. William Sheldon, this scale helps to identify the specific condition of individual coins in a very detailed manner.

Prior to the development of the Sheldon Scale, coins were graded on physical condition and placed into one of three categories: Good, Fine, or Uncirculated. It was quickly realized that any two coins within the same category could feature meaningful differences in value and condition.

Today, the NGC and PCGS use the 1 to 70 Sheldon Scale to certify the condition of all coins it grades. Each grade starts with a strike type, which includes the following options (source: NGC):

  • MS: Stands for Mint State, and identifies a coin struck in the same format as circulation issues and applies to grades 60 through 70. 
  • PF: Stands for Proof, and identifies coins struck in a special format to attract the eye of collectors.
  • SP: A Specimen coin is one that has a hybrid strike type between Mint State and Proof.

The most common Certified Bullion Gold Eagle coins have the grades of MS 70 and MS 69. These grades identify coins as follows:

  • MS/PF 70: These coins are considered perfect specimens with no post-production imperfections when viewed under 5x magnification, and include their full, original mint luster.
  • MS/PF 69: These are considered near-perfect coins with nearly imperceptible imperfections. Though they maintain full, original mint luster, there are a maximum of two minor imperfections on the coin such as minuscule hairlines.

Additionally, the NGC and PCGS use a handful of other certification and designation terms for coins that help identify special visual characteristics or unique designations in production. These include the following:

  • Early Release: The NGC offers the Early Releases designation for selected coins received by NGC or an NGC-approved depository during the first 30 days of release. (source: NGC)
  • First Day: NGC offers the First Releases designation for selected coins received by NGC or an NGC-approved depository during the first 30 days of release. (source: NGC).

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