Buying a Used Rolex in Houston
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Buying a Used Rolex in Houston


Buying a Used Rolex in Houston

Purchasing a luxury watch can be a daunting task. Within one family of watches, Rolex buyers are faced with a wide range of decisions including watch style, models, metals, dial color, but most importantly, watch dealer. When buying a Rolex either new or used, the pro move is to find an established second hand dealer that is trustworthy and offers a fair two way market.

This relationship benefits the Rolex buyer in several ways – pricing, selection and confidence. With U.S. Coins and Jewelry we prepared to forge these relationships with Houston Rolex buyers.  If you’re in the market as a Rolex buyer or a Rolex seller, and live in the greater Houston area, look no further. U.S. Coins and Jewelry makes the entire process simple, safe, secure and with full transparency. 

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A Knowledgeable Staff Is Key

Our staff is fully trained and ready to answer your questions about new and used Rolex watches currently in stock. All our watches come with an unconditional guarantee of authenticity with a two year warranty. Buying a Rolex is a decision not unlike other big ticket luxury items. With the value of Rolex as it is, Rolex buyers enjoy a robust aftermarket. Dealing with Houston’s top Rolex buyer puts you in good hands. 

Buy or Upgrade a Rolex

At U.S. Coins and Jewelry we carry both new and used luxury watches. Rest assured, because of the inherent value most Rolex watches are well cared for when in the hands of a collector. Enthusiasts frequently trade used Rolex watches toward the purchase of a different model. The bulk of the choices available to the Rolex buyer are in great condition. All watches are fully examined by our professionals, serviced when necessary and all come with the U.S. Coins and Jewelry 2-Year Warranty. We guarantee the authenticity of all parts (unless otherwise listed) for twenty four months after purchase.

In the end, the best argument for buying a used Rolex is the time and availability.  Purchasing direct from a Rolex Authorized Dealer can provide some level of security, but selection will be limited, and usually this route will land the Rolex buyer on the infamous wait list, sometimes for years.

Rolex Dealer in Houston

If you are in Houston and plan to purchase a Rolex, you should check out Houston’s top Rolex buyer – U.S. Coins and Jewelry. We offer a wide range of used luxury watches including Rolex, Piaget, Patek Phillippe, Omega, Breitling and more. Check out our online selection or visit our storefront at 8435 Katy Freeway, Houston Texas. 

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Absolutely phenomenal communication and service!! Kenny and the team are absolute rock stars!! Many more purchases to come in the future!!! Highly recommend.
- Gus Aslanidis
U.S. Coins and Jewelry has been my go to for buying and selling coins, silver and gold for years. My most recent experience was quick and easy. The staff are friendly and helpful. They really take the fear and uncertainty out of investing in precious metals and coins, and their exchange fees are very reasonable.
- Stephen Peterson
They are the best at helping you build a rare coin collection, bullion sales, & jewelry. I always recommend my friends & family go there. I'm a long time customer from 2011 to date. They have access to some of the finest rare coins out there.
- Robert Dean
Came in just to browse walked out with an engagement ring and got a solid deal! Highly recommend place for all your needs. Have been coming for years Anthony was a great help thanks again!
- Daniel Nino
I walked into this place for the first time and was wonderfully greeted by some very friendly associates. This shop is a treat and seeing all the great things it had to offer was amazing. From comic books to coins to even art and watches this shop has it all. I will most definitely be coming back and they offer great deals on buy backs. What a time to be invested in precious metals!
- Muhammad Hamdan
They were very professional, personable and efficient. They trusted - without seeing the actual paper - the quote I received elsewhere for a Rolex watch. They didn't meet it - THEY BEAT IT! Very nice, safe place to do business.
- Monica W
Before going to U.S. Coins, I went to another location much closer to me and the price they gave me did not seem right. So I went to U.S. Coins and they more than double the buy. After speaking to the person I dealt with I decided to only sell my deceased wife's necklace and they still gave me much more than I would have gotten from the other dealer. U.S. Coins were polite and very easy to deal with.
- Tommy Clements
Great bunch of guys, very knowledgeable and honest and always ready to help and make a deal. Always great prices on coins and bullion. Leave smiling every time knowing I got a great deal. Thanks guys y'all are great!
- Larry Brooks