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Rolex | 06.01.2021

Sell Your Rolex With Confidence

Rolex has been the standard for luxury watches for decades. As an enduring symbol of success, the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality has driven demand and prices to unprecedented levels. With that, there has never been a better time to sell your Rolex.  But because of the value and large number of pitfalls, selling a Rolex (or any luxury item or collectible) can be a nerve racking event. It doesn’t have to be. At U.S. Coins and Jewelry we are committed to customer satisfaction, full transparency and adaptability to individual needs. Our goal in all arenas is to offer outstanding service and quality products, while still paying sellers fast and fair for the items they have to sell. Nowhere is this guiding philosophy more evident than in the luxury watch department.

If you’re looking to sell a Rolex or any luxury watch you can do so with confidence. There has never been a better time, and USC&J makes it easier than ever.  Following is a quick guide to selling a Rolex. And whatever route you choose, we urge you to use our “Quick Quote” form, call us, or come into the store and speak with one of our qualified specialist. We will gladly give you a no obligation quote or free appraisal.



There are a number of ways to sell your Rolex, each comes with its advantages and pitfalls. We examine them here briefly and give you a few easy steps to obtaining the best value for your Rolex. So before you sell, read through the following article and make an informed decision. We know that whether you are a novice one time seller, or a luxury watches expert, USC&J is your best option for buying or selling a Rolex.

Person to Person

One of the seemingly easiest way sell or trade a Rolex is to sell it to a buddy or coworker. The only advantage behind this philosophy is that it makes you the seller and ideally you’re getting the most money while still offering a “good deal.”  Here in lies the rub. Determining this number can become the number and it’s easy to lean too far in either side of this issue. Priced too low and you’re leaving money on the table. Priced too high, and the buyer holds resentment. Because you’ve sourced your buyer from among friends and acquaintances any rift can cause rippling social problems that sell elsewhere avoids.  This doesn’t even factor issues that could arise if the buyer finds problems with the watch or damages the watch after committing to purchase and buyer remorse is directed at you, the seller.

Buy, Sell, Trade Platform

In today’s internet age, there are number of sell tools available to the individual looking to liquidate a luxury item. Sites like eBay and Mercari offer platforms designed for auction or outright sells. The benefits here are payment management and a level of protection for both buyer and seller. The problems here are numerous. First and foremost, selling a luxury watch is completely different than selling your old GI Joe. Without an established background and with a lack of customer feedback attesting to your validity, few buyers are going to risk buying a Rolex from a random eBay seller. Plus the fees and managed payment are costly and require time to establish. Additionally, these sites are designed for buyer protection and the platforms often err on the side of the buyer in the event of complaints whether valid or not. This doesn’t even bring into account shipping and the inherent costs and pitfalls therein. So perhaps you get away from the online auction format and decide on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Again, luxury watch sales is different that a used bike. The lack of accredited sales will leave few believing your offering is legit. And, we can just leave to your imagination the idea of meeting a stranger to exchange your watch for payment.

Pawn Shop

The market places and internet portals mentioned above have changed the way Pawn Shops buy and sell. But one thing remains, the business model of a Pawn Shop is to pawn items. That means, making loans on items and making profits from the interest on said loan after you pay it off. Most of the items that Pawn Shops sell are items that the borrower couldn’t pay off, and eventually the items become property of the shops and are sold. It isn’t a general practice for a Pawn Shop to give fair market value for items offered.  If you want to borrow money against your Rolex, sure visit your local Pawn Broker and they’ll offer a high interest loan for less than half the value of your watch. But Pawn Stars is a TV show, and nothing like that exists in the real world.

Authorized Dealer

Many people believe that the Authorized Dealer can offer the most for your used Rolex. But actually most don’t even purchase used items. One of the requirements to maintain dealership authorization is a set quantity of sales. The Rolex Boutiques are loaded with amazing new watches and some will even offer trade values to get you into one of their in stock items. However, most are not in the market to outright purchase items. And these storefronts are usually in high rent districts and profit on trade ins and purchases is steep. This means they have to offer less than grey market sellers to maintain margins that keep them in business.

U.S. Coins and Jewelry

We truly believe we are the best option for selling your luxury time piece. We’ve been dealing in luxury watches for decades and specialize in Rolex. We offer free no obligation evaluations to prove it. Our staff can quickly examine your watch and offer a verbal appraisal or firm offer. Our storefront is safe and always staffed with active duty police officer onsite to provide an added level of security for individuals visiting our brick and mortar operation. There is no easier way to get the best price for your second hand Rolex than bringing it into our store.


If you can’t make it to the store, or want to get an idea of values before you sell, the following steps make it easier to a viable offer.

Images of the watch can help us determine condition, model and value of a Rolex. Pictures taken with a phone are acceptable, just be sure you’re as close to the watch as possible and the images are in focus. Take a clear shot of the front, the back, each side, and ones of the bracelet and clasp. Like antiques and cars, condition is paramount. While there is no replacement for in hand visual inspection, photos can help our experts determine model and condition making it easy to offer an informed appraisal of your watches value.

Next, gather any boxes or paperwork that originally came with your watch. While not necessary for sale, the original packaging increases the value of your watch.  If you purchased your Rolex second hand or no longer have these items we can get any information directly from the watch.

Make notes of the serial number and model numbers. This can be found among the original paper work and warranty card that came with the watch. If you no longer have these, the numbers are engraved on the watch. The model or reference numbers are located between the lugs at the 12 o’clock position and the serial numbers are located at the six o’clock. Serial numbers were reset by Rolex in the 1950’s, and the case back may need to come off to determine year of production. . If you do not have the correct tools and experience,  we suggest having a jeweler or watch profession remove the bracelet to view these. Our staff is specially trained for this and can perform these tasks in your presence at our store.  

Any information you may have helps us make the strongest offer and avoid differences in appraisal and offer prices. Information about when and where you originally purchased the watch is useful.  Always mention any issues or damage the watch has to avoid surprises. Have you gotten a previous offer or have a number in mind? If so, how much? We will most likely meet or beat any competition.

Keep in mind, we will not buy or appraise fake items, and do not traffic in stolen goods. If we determine an item to be counterfeit we will make no offer or appraisal. For our own protection and that of our buyers, we use an international database to research luxury watches and will reject and report any item we determine as stolen. We take our legitimacy seriously and make no exceptions to these policies.

Ultimately, we are confident that if you have a Rolex for sale, we will offer you the best the market can bear. Decades of experience has given us the opportunity to build a vast network of watch professionals and private collectors. Choosing to sell to USC&J will play out in a true win-win situation. We are on the pulse of the luxury watch marketplace and will enable you to get top dollar while allowing us to provide a quality options for our clients. We want your watch, so before you decide on an option to sell, give us the opportunity to buy your Rolex. There has never been a better time to sell, so act now. We guarantee a strong offer, fast payment in a secure environment.

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