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Coins | 09.23.2020


Coin collecting is fun at any age!

At U.S. Coins and Jewelry, we want kids to discover just how much fun coin collecting can be. That is why we created the U.S. Coins and Jewelry Kid Collector Starter Kit. Our new kit is part of our ongoing mission to help educate kids so that they can recognize the fun and rich history that can be had from collecting coins. Coin collecting can help them learn things like; where different U.S. Mints are located around the country, how to tell just by looking at a coin where it was minted, how money travels from mint to mint, coin grading, different coin metals and values, Presidents, historic people, and so much other important history.

These kid-friendly kits keep young collectors captivated while helping them understand coin history. The kit includes Coin collecting albums, a special loop to help see a coin’s detail, the Official Red Book, a helpful Guide of United States Coins, and the best part is, they get to pick a coin from one of our special bins to help them with their first coin on their collecting journey.


  • Choice of Collector Coin Albums
  • Magnifier Loop
  • The Official Red Book Guide to Coins
  • Plus they will get to pick a coin for their album from our special kid's collector bins

See our new program in the news!

U.S. Coins and Jewelry hosted some very special young guests today to help us kick-off our new Young Numismatists program. This program is designed to help educate tomorrow's collectors and help them understand the fun you can have collecting coins. It was awesome to give them a little education about the rich history through coins. We were happy to have hosted these new collectors along with the folks at Houston Mom Blog.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN joining in the coin collecting fun, CONTACT U.S. COINS AND JEWELRY AT 8435 KATY FREEWAY IN HOUSTON OR CALL 713-597-6367.


Five Reasons To Introduce Kids to Coins

The amount of visual stimulus modern individuals are subjected is overwhelming. Today children have an infinite window to the world through the internet and can access it immediately with a smart phone. It is more important now than ever to ground them in reality and find ways to divert their attentions from the virtual candy provided by the social media and never ending barrage of content that dominates and defines their lives. There is no better way to do this than through coin collecting. Aside from the obvious benefit of operating and interacting in a tangible world, here are five reasons to introduce your kids to the colorful world of numismatics.


Time and time again, rare coins have been called “history in your hands.” Every coin holds a story, from recent modern pocket change to the rarest early example. The image of a president, the reverse commemoration, the eagle, the motto, the inscriptions all have stories to tell. Each denomination has history and the details inherent can be fascinating and educational. Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington, Statehood, National Parks and the heraldic symbolism all can be starting points for insightful conversation, research and a base for building a coin collection. Pick a series or a motif and the educational opportunities presented are massive. Most denominations have entire books written about them. The history of our nation is written in our money and coin collecting is a rewarding way to introduce this to our kids.

Finance and Economics

Collecting coins is an excellent way to build an understanding of finance and economics through the ages. It introduces the young to the concept of value and the inner workings of commerce. It promotes savings and the benefits therein. At the elementary ages it’s a great way to reinforce learning decimals and simple math skills. And for older kids it can supplement the concepts of building wealth, fair trading and the understanding of commerce and monetary exchange. The lessons from collecting coins can be historical in nature with the study of early series and economic reasoning behind various coins. The lessons can be more tangible from actual buying and selling. The internet provides the modern collector opportunities unavailable to previous generations. Many collectors buy at coin shops and coin shows for the sole purpose to resell on EBay or among other collectors in their networks. This practice is not age restrictive and many budding numismatists take advantage of their internet savvy to generate income. This teaches an invaluable and often very profitable lesson in economics. These basic business skills are tough to learn from a textbook, and coin collecting provides an excellent vehicle to the buy/sell model that benefits individuals for a lifetime. 

Appreciation of Art and Design

Each coin whether an older rare coin or simple pocket-change represents a tremendous amount of foresight, design and artistic composition. Every modern denomination has been carefully thought out with lessons from the past building upon one another to arrive at the coins we use today. Financial restraints, the mechanics of minting and the inherent visual motifs all tell stories that are tied to our nation’s rich past. The U.S. Mint has been in operation since 1792 and the evolution of our coinage is a story that is rich in design, art and technology. Many of our modern coins display miniature works of art that represent individuals or events like small historical sculptures. The quarter series has for decades been artistic representations of the fifty states and national parks. The cent and nickel offer designs based on busts that were produced by famous sculptors. The coins of the early twentieth century were designed by popular artists of the era. The motifs used on virtually every coin whether modern or ancient is a glimpse into the artistic culture and level of technological advancement of the time. Collecting rare coins is an unparalleled vehicle to learn, and discuss the intricacies of art and design. Few if any other collectibles offer this unique combination. 

Value Versus Other Collectibles

As with media, collectors today have many avenues that they can pursue. The internet age provides a seemingly unlimited number of collectible opportunities. NFT’s, comics, sports cards, watches and more all offer great profit potential. How is coin collecting better? Rare coin collecting offers unique value. They have offered a historic store of wealth long before any of these others have been in existence. The market for rare coins fluctuates like any, but it has been a constant medium of exchange unlike any of the other more pop culture collectibles. Will two generations from now care about Mike Trout? Will two generations from now possess the instrument to even open a NFT file? Possibly, but the concept of money will undoubtedly be present. And while these other collectibles may or may not prove a generational value, rare coins will be collected and the historical significance behind them will still hold water.  This is not to say other collectibles will fall out of favor, only that coin collecting has already stood the test of time.

 Family Time

There is no other value better than time spent. Memories last a lifetime, and coin collecting offers a venue that can be shared by family members of all ages and genders. Building a quarter set from pocket change can offer an affordable starting point to conversation and produce mutual agreeable goals between parent and child. The building of a collection can be common ground that two family members can share without the chatter of a generational divide. Filling that hole in a set or finding that missing piece after a lengthy search creates moments that strengthen relationships and provide ageless bonds. We talked about coins being “history in your hands.” Collecting coins is also quality time in your hands and when faced with the literal thousands of distractions that divert our children’s attentions from us, few if any activities provide the opportunities of education and comradery that coin collecting offers.

At U.S. Coins and Jewelry we practice what we preach. We are a generational operation with three generations of family operating within our walls. And while we offer many collectibles and stand behind each, our lifeblood is that of a coin shop and we firmly believe that coin collecting is the best and most educational of all. If you’d like to learn more about collecting and collectibles please come to our store and speak with any of our qualified staff, or visit our website to find out the latest trends in our blog posts and learn from our past articles. Remember, we cater to the collector. So whether its watches, jewelry, paper money, historical artifacts and of course rare coins, we are Houston’s first choice.

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Kenny Jr. welcomed us, and we were impressed with the displays in the showroom and the security of the store. There is police presence visible inside, and outside in the parking lot. We felt very secure the entire time we were there. Will was very patient, and reviewed all of our 'estate' coins with us, while pricing them individually. Will seems very knowledgeable in his craft. There was no pressure to sell any of our coins, but Will gave us fair market value on the coins we did sell. We appreciate the honesty and integrity! This specialty store is definitely worth visiting to determine the value of family heirlooms!
Larry B