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Building a Silver Dollar Collection With United States Peace Dollars

The silver dollar has been one of America’s most popular coins throughout its history. As the largest silver coin minted in the US, the silver dollar has traditionally featured some of the most beautiful designs of all our coinage. From... READ MORE

Building A Collection of Rare Coins

Coin collecting is a hobby with many levels of participation. In fact, there are probably just as many ways to build a collection as there are collectors in the market! Many collectors got their start as kids going through pocket change and,... READ MORE

Large Cents – The first coins ever mass produced by the United States Government

Large Cents (1793-1857) Large cents as they are known as by numismatic collectors today have earned a significant place in history as the first coins ever mass-produced by the United States government in any metal issued by the federal government... READ MORE

How Can I Build My Connection Working With A Coin Shop Near Me?

Coin collecting or “numismatics” is a wonderful hobby that offers you years of enjoyment along with the added bonus of potentially making money on your investment. One of the true joys of the hobby is searching for the pieces you... READ MORE

The coin that introduced the Motto “In God We Trust”

Did you know that the United States once had a coin with a denomination of two cents? It’s true,  the coin was the Shield Two-Cent piece minted from 1864 to 1873. Unfortunately, this coin is one of the shortest lived and... READ MORE

Collecting Rare Coins: It’s Not Just For Hobbyists Anymore!

Collecting rare coins is a hobby that has been shared by kings, famous actors, writers, sports heroes and people from all walks of life since the time of King Midas 2700 years ago!  Today, experts estimate there are between 7... READ MORE

Bare Breasted Standing Liberty Quarter – A Controversial Coin

The naughty silver coin that created an American scandal When renowned sculptor Hermon Atkins MacNeil’s 1916 quarter-dollar design was first released into circulation, it was immediately controversial, critics claimed it was immoral and indecent. Public outcry was swift and loud.... READ MORE

War and the Peace Silver Dollar

The “war to end all wars” fell a little short of that noble aspiration. What history now calls World War I, a war that ravaged Europe from 1914 to 1918, did stir worldwide yearning, however, the yearning was for peace.... READ MORE

Honoring A Great American – The Franklin Half Dollar

It was noon on April 30, 1948, the anniversary of George Washington’s 1789 inauguration as President when the Franklin half-dollar made its debut. Employees of the Franklin Savings Bank dressed in Revolutionary-era garb sold them from a booth on the... READ MORE

Silver War Nickels – A Strategic Coin for the War Effort

When you look at a Jefferson Nickel today, you may see it as simply pocket change, however in 1942 through 1945, this coin’s composition was changed, thus playing a significant role during World War II. To really understand its significance,... READ MORE

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