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Coins | 04.29.2016

A New Tradition That Can Last a Lifetime...

Silver Christmas Coins

Throughout the years there have always been an assortment of holiday traditions. From leaving cookies for Santa, watching a favorite holiday movie, caroling or tree trimming before reading “The Night Before Christmas” and waiting for jolly ole Saint Nick to slide down the chimney. The holiday season is also a wonderful time to build lifelong memories with family. These traditions can help you bond and reconnect with loved ones, friends, and neighbors. This holiday season, you can start a new tradition that begins with your personal touch, something that is meaningful and can be shared with future generations… Holiday Silver Rounds. These holiday collector coins feature fun and festive designs that will be remembered for years to come and an investment that will be cherished and enjoyed for a lifetime. These precious Christmas silver products are .999 pure silver and great as a stocking stuffer, an ornament for your Christmas tree, or a thoughtful and long-lasting hostess gift. And the best part is, each year there are new designs to share.

Let’s take a look at some of the 2015 holiday designs available…

2015 Holiday Coin Holiday Cheer Snowman

Holiday Cheer Snowman

If you’re searching for a neutral Christmas themed silver round, this Holiday Cheer Snowman can be the perfect gift! An adorable snowman is depicted, on the front smoking his corncob pipe and snuggly nestled underneath his winter scarf. A cute stuffed teddy bear is keeping him company. The words "Holiday Cheer" is etched above the duo’s heads. The back is stamped with the round’s weight and purity. There is room left for a possible engraving to customize your gift.

Retro Merry Christmas

The Retro Merry Christmas silver round is stamped with a very nostalgic font, the front of this silver round says "Merry Christmas," that will instantly take you back to Christmas of the 1950’s. Christmas in the US, after World War II, became something totally different than what it had been. Instead of relying on Europe to provide Christmas decorations, such as ornaments and toys, the US, for the first time, was able to produce decorations of their own. In doing so, many traditions began, traditions that are still celebrated today. Complete with holly berries and poinsettias, this silver round is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys the retro Christmas theme. Again, this round has room on the reverse to engrave a message.

2015 Holiday Coin Retro Merry Christmas
2015 Holiday Coin Santa's Profile

Santa’s Profile

Santa Claus is sometimes portrayed as a silly old man with a bright smile that breaks up his snow white beard, but he can also be depicted as a calm grandfather type with reading glasses hanging from the edge of his nose. Either way, Santa’s profile on this beautiful silver round features the fur cap of this "jolly old elf" and his long snowy beard flowing over his classic coat creating the personified look of St. Nicholas. This depiction of Santa offers both comfort and nostalgia and the back can also be customized.

Baby’s First Christmas Teddy Bear

If this Christmas is extra special this year because it’s a child’s first Christmas, this snuggly teddy bear, propped up against a wooden rocking chair could be the perfect way to say Happy holiday. It’s also the perfect opportunity to start a holiday tradition by giving a festive piece of silver every year as a gift. This holiday round even features the words "Baby’s First Christmas," to mark this memorable occasion. Just in case you would like to personalize it a little more, there is room on the back of this silver round. It also has the inscription "Best wishes for peace and joy this holiday season" along with the date"2015."

2015 Holiday Coin Baby's First Christmas

2015 Holiday Coin Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Between the stunning illustration of a Christmas tree decorated with round ornaments and part of the age-old Christmas carol etched into the coin, it shouts Christmas spirit. The “Oh Christmas Tree” silver round immediately catches your attention. Beginning in Germany, the tradition of bringing a fresh pine tree home dates back to the 15th Century. The tree was then decorated with fruits, pinecones, and other natural adornments. Inscribed around the tree is the infamous line from the German Christmas Carol "O’tannenbaum" and it reads, "Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas! Thy leaves are so unchanging." The back contains a simple holiday greeting of "Best Wishes For Peace And Joy This Holiday Season," and "2015" and can be engraved.

Christmas Buddies Santa and Reindeer

The Christmas Buddies silver round pictures the dynamic duo of Santa and his beloved reindeer, Rudolph. Although most of us grew up watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer through various shows, however, the original story, by Robert L. May, was a booklet, published in 1939 by Montgomery Wards, 75 years ago about Santa’s frontman, Rudolph. The front of this .999 pure silver round displays a fun version of Santa and Rudolph with arms draped around each other. In a fun cartoon font, "Christmas Buddies," is written above them. On the round’s, "Best Wishes For Peace And Joy This Holiday Season," and "2015," are both stamped around the rim with room for engraving along with a few small reindeer illustrations.

2015 Holiday Coin Christmas Buddies

2015 Holiday Coin Christmas on the Farm

Christmas On The Farm

The Christmas on the Farm silver round features a lovely festive Christmas design depicting a farmhouse, amidst snowy farmland. It also shows a friendly dog near an old fashioned tractor, waiting out front. "Season’s Greetings," is written above the house, as a farm welcomes in the holiday season. The back leaves room for engraving, while the phrase, "Best Wishes For Peace And Joy This Holiday Season", and "2015," are both inscribed in a beautiful design with room for custom engraving.

A New Tradition Begins…

These Christmas silver rounds are the perfect way for families to create a new holiday tradition while creating a keepsake to help celebrate your holiday season for years to come! At U.S. Coins and Jewelry, we carry 7 of these lovely festive Christmas designs. They all come with their own Air-tites to keep them pristine, plus at only $20 per round, it’s a gift that will make valuable memories last for generations, not to mention it’s the perfect way to start your new Holiday tradition!

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