Gold $1946.2 -16.7
Silver $26.54 -1.17
Platinum $951.8 -22.2


When buying or selling gold, who can you trust?

Today, we are seeing more and more people turning to gold, silver and other precious metals as an economic choice during hard economic times. Fox 26 News consumer reporter Heather Sullivan turned to the experts at U.S. Coins and Jewelry... READ MORE


If you are looking to invest in gold or silver bullion to diversify your investment and/or retirement portfolio with a sensible investment, here is a basic background on the precious metals market as to why it is a wise way... READ MORE

4 Tips for Selling Your Diamond or Estate Jewelry

To help unravel the mysteries of diamond selling, here are four tips to consider before hocking your stone. 1. Know what you’ve got Just because your grandmother said her diamond ring was valuable doesn’t make it an actual fact.  It... READ MORE

Get more for your diamonds when you sell smart

Retailers are not in business to buy back diamonds, so when it comes time to sell, they offer you much lower than the retail price tag. Pawn shop offers will likely be even lower. Selling your valuable jewelry can give... READ MORE

Selling your Engagement Ring after Divorce

Deciding to sell an engagement ring during or after a divorce has a number of financial and emotional benefits.  But what is the best way to sell an engagement ring? How quickly will you get paid? Who will give you... READ MORE

The Complete Guide To Rolex Nicknames

Rolex has a remarkable history of creating high quality timepieces that are as fashionable as they are functional. Their range of sophisticated wristwatches have traveled…... READ MORE

How the Rolex GMT-Master got the Nickname “Pepsi”

In the early 1950’s, Rolex teamed up with Pan American Airlines to design a watch for their team of pilots. This led to the design of the Rolex GMT-Master with a red and blue bezel that matched the airline’s color... READ MORE

How the Rolex Submariner got the Nickname “The Hulk”

Rolex Hulk In 2003, the iconic Rolex Submariner celebrated its 50th anniversary. The Swiss watchmaker...... READ MORE

A Holiday tradition that will last a lifetime…

Give Them The Gift Of Silver in a Christmas Coin… Throughout the years there have always been an assortment of holiday traditions. From leaving cookies for Santa, watching a favorite holiday movie, caroling or tree trimming before reading “The Night... READ MORE

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